The documentary ‘Blue Future’ has been selected for the Frome International Climate Film Festival (UK) ·

The documentary film “Blue Future”, produced by the production company XL Producciones and under the direction and script of Sergio Crespo, was selected by Frome International Climate Film Festival It is celebrated in the United Kingdom on May 19.

This year, the festival received 800 films from 47 countries around the world. So being in this selection is a source of pride for our production company.

The event will take place in Frome (Somerset, England) on May 19, 2024. Through inspiring films, the organizers, volunteers and sponsors of the festival aim to increase climate awareness in our daily lives, communication, engagement and positive support. Change through cinema, music and art in general.

The film “Blue Future”, in which Sur Radio and Television participated, tells the story of two Andalusian young men who have a conversation because they met through a channel linked to the sea. She lives in Huelva and he in Almería. They have decided to meet for the first time in Tarifa but first they will travel the Andalusian coast in search of people related to what they love most: technologies, the environment… and the sea.

Blue Future is a journey through the stories of people who will take the blue economy to another dimension in the coming years. A different look at the coast and its people in the 21st century.

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