The development of the Indonesian government’s border areas of the country

To achieve this goal, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfouz Dr. The Minister of the Interior, Tito Karnavian, visited the northernmost region of Indonesia, specifically the island of Miangas.

Miangas is the northernmost island in the state of the Talud Islands in North Sulawesi, whose waters extend to the maritime border with the Philippines.

The visit of the ministers came within the framework of the launch event of the Integrated Development Movement for Border Areas 2022, which was promoted by the National Agency for Border Management.

The Taloud Islands consist of 17 islands, but only seven of them are inhabited; The administrative center of the province is located in the Melonguane District on the island of Karakelang, the largest island in the chain of islands.

Mahfouz said the development of the hinterland was part of the government’s efforts to assert Indonesia’s territorial sovereignty and protect its citizens as stipulated in the constitution.

Mahfouz hereby emphasizing symbolically that we are a sovereign nation, adding that the government is committed to developing the peripheral regions of the country, as stipulated in the 2008 Regional Law.

According to the minister, the border areas are very weak, and sometimes they are poorer than other areas, and they face conflicts and legal problems that are unique to them, such as smuggling.

The National Border Management Agency is currently prioritizing development programs for 222 provinces, 54 municipalities and regions, as well as 15 provinces located in the peripheral, remote and border regions of Indonesia.

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