The debate over the tourism tax is also spreading across the UK


The debate over the tourism tax crosses borders and begins to spread not only to countries of tourist interest such as Spain, France, Italy or Greece, but also to other countries. United kingdom. Manchester was the first British city to apply the tax on overnight stays, in April 2023, and it is now the first British city to apply the tax on overnight stays. County Cornwalla tourist destination located at the southern tip of the island of Great Britain, which is considering the establishment of agglomeration scale.

According to the newspaper The IndependentCornwall Council is considering imposing the tax due to fears that the county will become overcrowded due to the influx of visitors. Cornwall It receives about 12 million passengers every yearMost of them are concentrated, above all, in the summer months in coastal towns such as St. Ives or Newquay; It is precisely in these places that the Council sees potential risks to air quality, environmental degradation, saturation of services, and traffic congestion.

“I don't think people will bother paying an extra pound a night when they pay between 120 and 130 pounds,” says one hotelier.

Cornish councilor Mike Thomas has expressed his inclination towards introducing a tourism tax in the county, giving other UK destinations as an example. Manchester has shown that People will not be against it when it is actually implemented. He said in statements reported by the aforementioned media outlets that one pound per night per person for a maximum of 21 nights will generate income that residents will agree to as payment for the facilities used by visitors.

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For their part, businessmen in the sector, such as Arno Roitsch, owner of the Blue Seas Hotel in Penzance, also approve of the tax. “I think the tourist tax is a good idea, however Funds should be reserved for the local area and not sent to London. I really don't think people would be frustrated with paying an extra pound per night when they are paying £120-130.

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