The days will last 25 hours from this date

Do you feel like the days are getting longer? Have you ever wondered what you would do if the days were an hour longer? good, A scientific study revealed that

It spins slower and slower and in the future there will be 25 hours in a day.

Astrophysicist Norman Murray published his article in the journal
Advancement of science

He pointed this out The length of the day has changed throughout Earth’s history. He gave, for example, that when the moon was formed, the Earth was rotating at such a high speed that a day lasted 10 hours. However, the force of gravity


The rotation of our planet has slowed down.

About 2.6 billion years ago, days were 19.5 hours long. Another example of how its duration changes as the Earth ages, moves away from the Sun, and naturally changes its rotation and travel movements.

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When will we have 25 hours a day?

A team of scientists from the Technical University of Munich conducted a study using an “ultra-precision” laser to measure speed

Rotation of the planet

. They pointed out that, Due to the planet’s internal movements, as well as changes in its mass, its rotation speed decreases gradually.

If it continues like thisDays on Earth will be 25 hours long in approximately 200 million years. A very long period of time, where it is not even certain that humanity will continue to inhabit the planet. However, the truth is that days will be longer in the future, as has been scientifically proven by comparing data from the past.

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