“The Dancer”: TVE’s recurring television contest

dancer It is a new dance competition that pushes and moves exactly on the footprints of its ancestors (even in filming sets) and is preceded by commercial and secret success in the countries it has broadcast, with slight differences: the United Kingdom, China and Denmark. Premiered this Monday on TVE, the show has a twist and a rhythm that is not easy to maintain, with the contestant presentation scene repeated venomously and without much grace until Eurovision mentions. Urban walk, reaching for a photo school phone and a salon with a secretary who wants to be funny: It doesn’t happen often.

Simon Cowell, the inventor and owner of the invention, ceased to be King Midas at the start of these programs, although he managed to survive with some ease from his earlier victories (who does not remember Susan Boyle?) And from certain schemes that always fill the cathodic phase: The primary rundown for this premium software is a mix of elements installed in I got talent And in Q factor. Some good lights, a dose of clapping shouts, and some inescapable emotional ripping-off really finishes the cocktail. Why did TVE choose this program, among the many such ones for sale, to compete with itself with its two other programs of this kind? mystery.

The role of the mirror in the decoration is essential. There is a ballet program (real ballet, must be clarified) on TV of the Russian Federation, that uses something similar, only in dancer They are arranged as if they had a sound. It is already known that the mirror in the dancer’s workroom plays the dual role of prosecutor and enemy. Seeing oneself is part of commerce, picking up ropes and what is seen critically, and that is part of the artist’s intelligence. Here is just a hole in the door, for the audience dancer They clapped and voted until that metaphorical curtain of mercury streams.

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In the first part we saw very diverse things with sometimes incomprehensible and strange names (dances), from that Nippon Fogg To others who cannot even be saved. But are they really a dance style? Let’s not go overboard with style! Tino and the concert wanted please. It is a fashion, some more ephemeral than others, and has settled into a mixture of urban dance, and is more than just a dictionary, with a few pseudo-steps and an opportunistic phrasing of the electronic rhythm that accompanies it.

The Spanish version is well-packed, technically solvent, and very fair of luxuries (maybe at these times, perhaps because its success is not entirely reliable) and with some presenters, Sandra Cervera and Ion Aramendi (dressed as his worst enemy). , Who are still entering their posts. On the celebrity table, three celebrities from today’s crowd: Lola Indigo with her Californian outfit, the best thing she can contribute is to explain the heroic part of her career: She started dancing very late, at the age of 18, so it went counter-clockwise day in and day out; Actor Miguel Angel Muñoz, always conveying confidence with his sympathetic tone, who had a gesture of sincerity that was very grateful when he admitted that he would not judge by technique, which is not his thing, but through feelings, and the companions of Méndez, who has been on many of these shows. TV, whose voice was as squeaky as before. Some fake couples, the enveloping actors of the crowd, are the worst of this scenario, with clumsy and complex phrases composed and said without the slightest conviction.

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The motto of the show, regardless of good intentions, is as inappropriate as it is misleading. It can even be detrimental to a sector of the dance profession; Others, you might be smitten, but it’s not all about that, but to hear between the lines exactly what is being lifted. Can dancer Search and find the best Dancer show mesetario, but let’s not play the terms, categories and designations very happily. The “best dancer in Spain” is now collapsing in an inappropriate place and shaking his brain to get on his feet and move forward. We are in a difficult time for a dance and ballet artist, regardless of their gender and school, and in all likelihood they will not step into a competition of this kind. The struggle to survive in a state of inactivity and lack of room for the dancing body to expand and breathe, is a daily drama and does not contain a joke or a happy running. The TV show, its award or any triumph will be ephemeral and far from the natural and idealistic theatrical environment that this difficult and very short career demands. The advertisement does not take away courage, but with both feet on the ground.

The first broadcast left a good taste in the mouth with the most surprising thing: Fatima, who chose to go on a second round with Leandro, a boy from Japanese vogue Macarena, a Spanish dance dancer in Bata de Cola (rave by a hairdresser that almost spoiled her image) who will have to be seen and followed up on other shows; Fatima, far removed from the rest, is a beauty in everything: rhythm, dedication, physicality, uniqueness, and style that is as old as it is modern. Swept away his vitality.

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