The Cuban Embassy welcomed the initiative on tourism markets

HAVANA, Aug. 24 (ACN) The Cuban Embassy in Belgium hosted the first meeting of the “Visit Latin America” ​​initiative, where several Latin American countries presented the latest updates on their tourism markets to tour operators, travel agencies and the professional press.

Promoted by airline Air Europa and tourism marketing company Glenaki, the forum included representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic, according to Prensa Latina today.

Yira Jimenez, Cuban Ambassador to Belgium, noted that the event was a good opportunity to speak with professionals from the country’s tourism sector, detailing destinations in Latin America, committed to recovery after the effects of COVID-19.

He highlighted the cultural richness, traditions, gastronomy and beautiful nature of the region, able to satisfy the most demanding visitors.

Besides tour operators and journalists, bloggers and influencers were also present, who are playing an increasing role in promoting tourist destinations on a global scale, the source notes.

The regional advisor for tourism in Cuba, Diana Rosa Gonzalez, represented the position of the Antillean nation at the workshop, which she considered a useful space for convergence.

He explained to Prensa Latina that such meetings allow tour operators and the tourism press to have more items to promote travel.

According to the text, Glenaki was satisfied with the celebration of the event, the wide participation in it, the topics analyzed and the reception of the Cuban Embassy.

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