The creators of One Piece on Netflix are talking about future seasons of the series

The live-action film adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga continues to top the popularity charts on the streaming platform. What is the secret behind this phenomenon?

The entertainment world has been rocked by the live-action remake of ‘One Piece’. For two weeks in a row, this series based on the best-selling manga by Eiichiro Oda has dominated the position #1 on the list of top 10 movies on Netflixcaptivating audiences around the world.

One Piece and Its Journey on Netflix

The manga, known for its story about the search of a young man and his crew of pirates for the legendary treasure “One Piece”, caused a sensation, and even caused a phenomenon on “Tik Tok”, where Fear the buggy villain He has become the protagonist of many tributes.

in A recent interview with Deadlinethe series’ executive producers, Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios, talk about how they created a series that had previously been skeptical among viewers. Fans Most loyal fans of the manga and anime have had a huge success with its live-action version.

“In your professional life, you dream of a series like this,” said Adelstein, who has worked on other popular series. The last steadfast men, prison break And Teen wolf. For him and Clements, “One Piece” represents the project every producer wants to have: recognised, beloved and backed by a solid following of the source material.

Behind the Cowboy Bebop disaster

One Piece’s journey into the live-action world hasn’t been easy. Tomorrow Studios has already done another live-action adaptation of the “Cowboy Bebop” anime for Netflix, which only made it past the first season. From that experience, Adelstein and Clements learned valuable lessons that they applied to “One Piece.”

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One of the keys, according to Adelstein, was staying true to the characters created by Oda, especially Luffy. The challenge of finding the perfect actor for this role will fall to Iñaki Godoy, known for his role in… “Who killed Sarah?”. The choice was not easy, as more than 100 actors from all over the world auditioned for the role. But in the end, Inaki, with his bright smile and unparalleled energy, was the obvious choice.

Aside from Luffy, the cast, which hails from different parts of the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Japan, has been well received by fans. Actors like Makinho Arata plays Roronoa Zoro, and Emily Rudd plays Namiwere essential points in building this successful novel.

One Piece Netflix

The future of “One Piece” and more projects on the way

Although Adelstein and Clements have not commented on a potential second season, it is believed that it already exists Written materials and creative outline For the direction the story could take. However, it is not limited to just “one piece”; The producers also mentioned future manga television adaptations and other notable series in development.

At the heart of the conversation, Clements emphasized that: A mysterious character appears at the end of the second season Indicates the next natural chapter of the manga to be taken up in the series. This gesture was added after filming was completed, with the apparent intention of teasing and giving fans clues as to what was to come.

In addition, he shared a memory of the first day of filming with Iñaki Godoy, where the positive energy and enthusiasm of the team was palpable, illustrating the magic that was created on set. For his part, Adelstein couldn’t help but highlight the chemistry between the actors and how they each bring something unique to their roles.

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One Piece Netflix

How many seasons await us?

Netflix is ​​known for carefully analyzing viewing data and rarely grants quick renewals. but, Marty Adelsteinthe executive producer, not only has hopes for a second season, but says: “We have hopes for 12 seasons, there’s a lot of materialBecky Clements, co-producer, supports this statement, noting that with more than 1,080 chapters of manga So far, even if they produced six seasons, they would probably only use half the episodes. “It could go on indefinitely,” he says.

When asked if they had at least six seasons in mind, Clements answered confidently: “Oh yeah easily(And he laughed.) But what about the specific plans for future seasons? Clements revealed that everything they do is in line with Netflix, manga publisher Shueisha, and Oda-san. They’ve had more in-depth conversations about what they would do in a hypothetical second season and less detailed conversations about seasons three through six.

However, there is a clear north: there are parts of the manga that simply cannot be removed. Clements confirms: “They are stories and characters that we know are important to fans“With this approach in mind, the team feels lucky to have a clear path for the coming seasons.

One Piece Netflix

A sea of ​​uncertainty

But it wasn’t all an easy road. One Piece season requires something in between 6-7 months of production and another 20-24 weeks of post production. Despite strikes and weather challenges in South Africa, the team was always looking for creative solutions to continue filming without losing the quality of the series. While the production seeks to be faithful to the original material, some liberties have also been allowed, such as updating the musical theme. This new song is written by the same composers who worked on it “The Witcher” on Netflix. Clements stressed the importance of having a completely original element in the series, as happens in manga and anime.

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In addition to “One Piece,” Adelstein and Clements have several projects on the horizon. Adelstein shared that “Ten Year Old Tom” has seen his audience grow and that “snow piercing”, one of its productions, already has a fourth season ready. The producer also revealed that they have acquired an extensive manga library in Japan and are in the process of adapting several titles. One adaptation that stood out was Bad City, based on the USC scandal with Carmen Puliafito.

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