The COVID vaccination for people aged 50 to 59 will start from CDMX in these four municipalities – El Financiero

The Government of Mexico City This Saturday announced that vaccination For people aged 50 to 59 in the following week in the mayors of Gustavo A. Madero, Magdalena Contreras, Coagemalpa and Melpa Alta..

In the municipalities of Magdalena Contreras, Cuajimalpa and Milpa Alta they will receive an application dose that will be AstraZeneca. While at Gustavo A. Madero they will receive the vaccine ‘Sputnik V, According to Claudia Sheinbaum, CDMX Head of Government.

The vaccination process is scheduled to start from Monday, May 3 to Friday, May 7.

On the other hand, the vaccination sites will be:

Coagemalpa: Expo Santa Fe macrocenter.

Magdalena Contreras: ITAM, Santa Teresa campus.

Milpa Alta: Milpa Alta Sports Villa.

Gustavo A. Madero: National Preparatory School No. 9, Deportivo Hermanos Galeana, Carmen Serdán Sports City, Mexico City Arena, Zacatenco National School of Biological Sciences, Eighty-fifth Day High School and Jaime Torres Bodet / Zacatenco Cultural Center.

It is estimated that 600,000 vaccines will be implemented in this first week, with an average of 111,000 vaccines per day.

As for educational cadres, 299,000 citizens have been registered working in basic to higher education so far, and the approval register will continue to be opened to ensure the vaccination of the entire sector.

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that due to the city being located at a traffic light COVID is orange in ‘towards yellow’. In addition, the operating hours and operating capacity of various enterprises in the city will be expanded.

300 thousand doses of Sputnik f For this demographic, according to data from the general manager of Mexican biological and reagent laboratories (Permex), Pedro Zentino Santaela.

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It is planned that by Monday, May 3, an additional 500,000 will be received from the immunization established by the National Aesthetic Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research in Moscow.

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