The couple who won $5 million in the lottery, but lost the winning ticket

Imagine for a moment that you see your number reflected between… The winners From the lottery. This feeling of euphoria, disbelief and joy is exactly what they experienced Martin and Kay TuttAn ordinary couple, their lives take a drastic turn when they win an award 5 million pounds (Approximately 6 million euros). However, in their case, their fairytale quickly turned into a nightmare when they realized they had done just that Lost winning ticket.

Martine and Kay’s story begins like many others: with a transformation routine… Weekly lotteryHoping that luck will smile on them one day. And so it was: one day their numbers were the lucky ones, and they were ecstatic. But, as in The best Greek tragediesFate had a cruel twist in store: a disappearance Winning ticket.

Behind the the lotteryThe couple didn’t check their numbers right away, something they would later deeply regret. Only when Martin heard on the news that the first prize was unclaimed did he decide to check his ticket. The joy they felt when they discovered they were The winners It quickly faded away when they realized the ticket was nowhere to be found. They began a frantic search, searching every inch of their house, searching clothing pockets, drawers and even the trash, but the ticket still did not appear.

In desperation, Martine and Kay contact Camelot Group, the company that runs the lottery in United kingdom, To claim you The prize is without the ticket. Although they were able to prove that they bought the ticket and knew it Winning numbersThe answer was a resounding no. the company’s policy It was clear: no ticket, no prize. To make the situation worse, they were informed that they had exceeded the 30-day deadline to report A Lost ticketThese are details they did not know that decided their fate.

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What followed for Martin and Kai was Legal battle Which continued for years, but did not succeed in the end. to the top, Loss of ticket The award plunged them into deep despair. The pressure and tension began to affect their relationship and relationship Emotional well-being. In later interviews, Martin admitted how this event brought him to the brink depression And how he struggled to stay afloat in the years that followed.

What to do if you lose a lottery ticket?

Although the case of Martine and Kay occurred in… United kingdoma common doubt every time important dates (eg Christmas lottery) is: What happens if you win the lottery and lose the winning ticket? In Spain, the State Lottery and Betting Authority (SELAE) always recommends making a copy or photograph of all tickets purchased. This precaution is crucial, because if you lose your ticket and need to file a complaint, these drawing tests will be necessary.

If you unfortunately lose a Prize ticketIt is necessary to file a complaint with the police or the Civil Guard. This complaint is an essential step, as SELAE will require a copy of it to be paralyzed Court orderPay the prize until the judicial procedures are resolved. That is, without these graphical tests it would not be possible Collect the prize.

It is important to note that if The prize is greater than 2,500 euros If the ticket is stolen, it will not be possible to get the money without presenting the ticket National Identity Document (DNI). On the other hand, if the prize is less than this amount, anyone can pick up the ticket, highlighting the importance of storing tickets well and having proof of purchase.

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