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The couple witnessed a paranormal event when they heard how the presence warned them not to leave the cave. (Free Press Photo: Caters/YouTube clips)

Social media is full of content that some would call paranormal and scary. Videos of alleged ghost encounters are very popular on the Internet.

However, there are a few recordings that contain material where a paranormal can be heard uttering words. This is the case of a video that has gone viral in recent weeks, in which a ghost allegedly warned the couple to “get out” of the place.

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Tony and Beth Ferguson are a married couple from Hampshire, England. Every day, this couple dedicates their efforts to personal training and the financial sector. Added to this, Fergusons have a hidden passion: the pursuit of paranormal activities.

This horrific event was recorded in a nearly 300-year-old cave while the couple walked through the Carnglaze Caves, England.

“I’ve been to countless haunted places in the UK and around the world but this place made me feel very uncomfortable,” said Tony Ferguson. magazine features.

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In the same way, he emphasized that at the time of his visit to the said cave they did not know that it was a magical place, because they were simply there to enjoy their holidays.

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“As we walked, I felt they were following us, as if there was something behind us. I usually carry my cameras with me, so I started setting them up and couldn’t believe what we were able to capture. This white mist appeared in front of me out of nowhere. We could hear whispering voices constantly, but weirder Something was when we heard a voice telling us to get out of there,” Ferguson said when referring to the supernatural event.

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