The coronation of Carlos III boosts international tourism to the United Kingdom

Enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the UK for the coronation of Charles III on May 6. Hotels, shops and restaurants in the capital offer themed packages around the event to attract tourists. An example of this is this bus that tours the main monuments of London while sipping tea.

“The coronation of Carlos III is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Claudia Lombar. “That’s why it’s worth celebrating my mother’s birthday. She’s traveling from Belgium with her family.

The culmination of the weekend’s events will provide a cash infusion for businesses in central London, especially hotels, pubs and restaurants.

A favorite of royalty and celebrities, the Dorchester Hotel has prepared a sumptuous five-tiered coronation cake and hung theatrical-style drapes over its facade to recreate the decorations used for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, in preparation for the coronation of King Carlos III on May 6.

However, it would not be nearly as helpful to a UK population grappling with an economy on the verge of recession and a rising cost of living that has sparked months of strikes by workers seeking better pay.

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