The consumption of organic wine in Argentina is steadily increasing

Argentina’s organic wine production, consumption and export are increasing. Although slow, the growth has continued since the past years and the drink will be celebrated in the next edition of Exhibition of organic and sustainable wine.

In 2020, a total of 167,125 liters of organic wine were consumed across Argentina, representing An increase of 5,000% compared to 2018, with a consumption of 2970 liters. The largest demand for this product occurs both nationally and internationally, with 10 million liters of certified organic wine exported, up 24% from 2019.

In this sense, The European Union is the main destination for wineRepresenting 64% of total exports, countries such as Denmark and Sweden stand out, with nearly 50% (4.5 million liters) of Argentine wine being exported. It is followed by the United Kingdom (14%), Switzerland (3%) and Japan (2%).

in Argentina, Mendoza is the province with the largest area of ​​organic crops, with 7300 certified hectares. There are a total of 250 producers distributed in 79 wineries, 69 of which produce organic wines for export.

Exhibition of organic and sustainable wine

The event that celebrates sustainable wine production since 2014 is being prepared for Friday, December 17, at the House Museum “La Botica del Ángel”. It’s a day when you can meet their producers and Taste more than 50 approved beverages; Organic, biodynamic, sustainable and fair trade wine.

“After a difficult year, like 2020, we did not want to end 2021 without implementing the event that brings us together with a lot of people looking for Various environmentally friendly productsJuan Pino, a graduate of environmental sciences and one of the founders of the VIOS entity and responsible for the organization commented.

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Together with journalist Francisco Barreiro, they created VIOS with the goal of communicating “sustainability through wine” and “wine through sustainability.”

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