The Conservatives and Labor are ruling Brexit out of the election campaign in the first general election after an effective exit from the European Union

It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to pay attention to. he Britain’s exit from the European Unionan issue that occupied the front pages of newspapers for years, endless debates in the House of Commons, and eternal negotiations with European UnionHa It disappeared from the map It was moved to the back of a closet that no one wanted to open. although General elections Next July 4th United kingdom It will be the First, after the actual exit from the European UnionNeither is he Conservative Party Neither is he labor Party They prioritized this issue during the election campaign and preferred to sweep it under the rug for fear that it would harm them at the ballot box.

the No positive results Tangible four years after the UK left the community club, especially economically and in the European Union Border securityThey forced the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, tiptoe through Britain’s exit from the European Union. “It is clear that Voters who support Brexit “They are increasingly dissatisfied with the whole process,” explains the UK deputy director of the Change Europe think-tank and think tank. Sarah Hall, which also indicates the growing lack of interest of the population. “For the general public, Brexit has fallen down the list of topics they want to talk about and has been overshadowed by other issues, such as High costs of living“.

Windsor Agreement

This combination of boredom and disinterest in Brexit is one of the reasons it has been left off the political agenda, despite the fact that it is one of the most important reasons why it has been left off the political agenda. Sunak’s key achievements During her term she was Signing the Windsor Framework AgreementWhich ensures that invisible boundaries are maintained with Ireland At the same time, he avoided internal rebellion by members of the hardline wing of his party. Even the Prime Minister managed to convince DUP unionists And Restoring normal institutional life in Northern Ireland After two years of institutional siege, putting an end to the mystery that has not even arrived Theresa May nI’m Boris Johnson They managed to solve it.

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But despite complying with “Getting Brexit done” (Brexit resolved) – the main slogan of the Conservative campaign in 2019 – the Prime Minister has avoided mentioning the issue during this campaign. “The Windsor Framework Agreement was a success story. But it’s a success story [Sunak] “I can’t say that, because when he says that, it seems that Europe is closer than he wants.” Steven ColemanProfessor of Political Communication at the University of Leeds. “Even if the EU offers the best possible deal, it cannot be seen making this agreement because it has painted itself into a corner where… The rhetoric is always anti-European“, Add.

The wisdom of the Labor Party

Aside from the agreements reached with the European Union, the fact is that a large portion of voters in favor of Brexit realize that it was not a wise decision. According to one YouGov poll Published in mid-June, A 53% of Britons They consider that Negative effects The effects of leaving the European Union were greater than its positive effects fifteen% Who believes the opposite. last reconnaissance Conducted in August 2023 indicates that A 49% of Britons will vote In favor of re-entry To the Community Club, in front of A 33% Which is committed to maintaining the United Kingdom in its current state.

Despite this change in trend in opinion polls, labor Party He has avoided using this data to blame the Conservative government for the failure of Brexit. Which, according to Coleman, responds to the fact that many voters still have difficulty understanding that it was a bad decision. “Brexit is an emotional issue, and a lot of people feel insulted if they admit it didn’t go well. So talking about it Not the best way to win their votes“, Confirms.

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For the deputy director of the UK’s Changing Europe programme, Labour’s decision demonstrates the wisdom it has shown throughout the election campaign. “His strategy makes sense, because polls reveal that many voters want it Expel conservatives from power“, beyond the proposals that the Labor Party wants to present.” Both experts agree that if Labor is confirmed to win the election, it will be there Rapprochement with BrusselsEspecially in light of the economic difficulties and instability on the global scene. At the same time, Britain’s exit from the European Union will remain a… Forbidden topic For the two main parties in the remainder of the election campaign.

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