The conclusion of the seventh edition of the Science Clubs 2023 with the participation of 138 young people from 10 municipalities – Zacatecas State Government

The seventh edition of Science Clubs 2023 concluded, with the participation of 138 young people from 10 municipalities

  • The government of Zacatecas, through Cozcyt, has organized six clubs to guide the humanities, scientific and technological professions in secondary school students
  • A workshop was offered at each club, which dealt with the topics of artificial intelligence, natural sciences, biological chemistry, astronomy, literature and drought.
  • Students from Zacatecas, Guadalupe, Fresnillo, Villanueva, Jerez, Calera, Mazabelle, Tabasco, Loreto and Trancoso attended.

Zacatecas, Zack, July 16, 2023. – With the participation of 138 high school graduates from ten municipalities, the Zacatecan Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt) concluded the seventh edition of the Science Clubs 2023, during which six workshops were developed to direct youth vocations towards the humanities. Exact sciences.

For five days, high school students, originally from Zacatecas, Guadalupe, Villanueva, Jerez, Fresno, Calera, Mazabele, Tabasco, Loreto and Trancoso, took advantage of their school holidays to get closer to the humanities, science and technology, through free workshops developed by Cozcyt, with the support of Governor David Monreal Avila, July 10th to 14th, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Omar Cardenas, a member of the organizing team, said that the goal was to provide students with educational alternatives, in order to bring them closer to applied sciences and advance careers.

Club 01’s theme is Approaches to Biochemical Sciences. 02, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence of Robotics; 03 Natural Science. 04, basic astrophysics and astronomy; 05, Language and Literature of the Emotions. and Club 06, Ten Commandments for the Prevention and Management of Drought in Livestock. The latter because the field is the driving force of the administration headed by Governor David Monreal Avila.

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