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The United Nations Meteorological Agency (UN) reports that levels of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), in the atmosphere are 149% higher than in the pre-industrial era. According to mid-year measurements, in 2021 there will be a new maximum, which contributes to warming.

For its part, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Monday that the concentration of carbon dioxide set a new record and reached 413 parts per million in 2020, despite the relative decline in new emissions caused by the epidemic, according to its website. . Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma).

Similarly, the World Meteorological Organization has warned that due to the longevity and levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it can contribute to decades of warming and even achieve net zero emissions.

The United Nations agency also predicted that at the end of 2021, carbon dioxide concentrations would return to record levels, and in this sense, measurements made in the middle of the year at observatories such as those in Tenerife in Spain and Hawaii in the United States, recorded concentrations of up to 419 parts in a million.

In this regard, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has indicated that if emissions are not stopped, the world temperature will rise even more, since carbon dioxide (CO2) is a long-lived gas, the temperature level currently observed will persist for several decades on Although emissions drop rapidly to net zero.

The WMO report also highlighted that levels of other greenhouse gases, such as methane (CH4) and nitrogen oxide (N2O), are respectively 262% and 123% of those estimated in 1750, before human activities upset the natural balance.

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Although the paralysis of important sectors of the global economy in 2020 by the pandemic and subsequent health measures led to a temporary reduction in new carbon dioxide emissions, including 5.6% less than those derived from fossil fuels, this did not have a noticeable impact. The World Meteorological Organization explained the levels of greenhouse gases.

Presenting the new data, which the agency hopes will influence the commitments made by the international community at the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas declared that it is necessary to rethink industrial and climate systems. Transportation, as well as lifestyle.

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