The College of Occupational Medicine of Guanajuato already has a president

This civic organization emerged in 1987 with the unwavering goal of keeping occupational health professionals updated.

Nancy Venegas
Irapuato. – With the aim of creating synergies with public health institutions, employers and specialists, and for the benefit of workers, from Saturday until 2024, Brenda Renata Placencia Dominguez will be chief Guanajuato State College of Occupational Medicine.

“I suddenly understand the frustration that being in a company can generate, perhaps due to the fact that production managers don’t loan us workers to be able to train them and get their medicals done. I also suddenly understand the frustration we feel when (IMSS) is suddenly not giving us much feedback about our workers being sick or some situation. I understand the sadness that overwhelms us when a 22-year-old laborer arrives without an arm to ask for some compensation for some work hazards.” Plasencia Dominguez said.

He pointed out to the municipal authorities, the health sector and university students that in 1987 the work of this civil organization began. This is with the consistent aim of keeping occupational health professionals updated.

Brenda Renata Placencia Dominguez is the President of the Guanajuato State College of Occupational Medicine.
Brenda Renata Plasencia Domínguez, new president of the Occupational Medical College of the State of Guanajuato. Photo: Eduardo Ortega

It is a multidisciplinary school.

But with the passage of time, more workers’ needs were revealed and now this college gathers more experts in this field.

That’s why when you set up the protest with the vice president Irizbeth Gonzalez Verathe Secretary Alejandro Roque Bustamantecashier Juan Reynoso Campos and the authorized physicians of the municipalities of Guanajuato, they promised to be allies of colleagues and to maintain constant contact with the public health agencies for the benefit of the workers.

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“Our goal is precisely to create synergy, and it’s one that my colleagues on the board and the board members really want to achieve so that this school is a place where we can connect with the base, where we can collaborate with our knowledge and when those situations are beyond us, we can turn to connecting cases.” We invite other fellows to take the ideas and experiences from the entire interdisciplinary group that makes up this college. They’re not just doctors, there’s a lot of nursing staff who are responsible for constantly monitoring the health of our workers, environmental engineers, nutritionists, even physical stimulants. So it’s a multidisciplinary group.” The President of the College of Occupational Medicine of the State of Guanajuato concluded.

Guanajuato State College of Occupational Medicine.
Guanajuato State College of Occupational Medicine. Photo: Eduardo Ortega

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