“The College of Medicine is one of the buildings with the most problems.” – ULL Journalism

“The institution has many complications regarding facilities.”

Kevin Benitez He is a medical degree student at the University of La Laguna (complete), and now also president Delegation of medical students. The group guarantees the rights of medical degree students, and even the corresponding associations, physiotherapy and nursing, are created.

Benitez began representing students in his first year of college, when he was his class representative. However, he did not assume the position of president until his second year. “The organization was on the verge of extinction, so I decided to take matters into my own hands,” says Kevin Benitez. He adds that his main goal is to contribute new things to the college and mentor students.

As a delegate, Kevin intends that “the university community at this college will enjoy ideal conditions within the degree.” He stresses that it is essential that they are properly assessed and have a minimum of equipment that adapts to the needs of the students.

“You need people who want to collaborate.”

Moreover, the president shows the importance of students Be a part of this kind of representation. “And every time we find that there are fewer students “They are protecting their rights, and we need people who want to collaborate to build a better institution,” he says.

Benitez started his studies in the middle of the Covid era and colleges did not have a wide range of activities. So one of the president’s goals was to revive it. “I checked what the delegation was doing before and made the decision to appeal to them,” he says.

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This medical student was able to recover from activities such as Days from survival to trainingIt is an activity in which sixth-year medical students provide training to first- and second-year students to facilitate their integration into the hospital. On the other hand, Benitez also integrated… Musical days. Professor Francisco Valladares, All members of the university community are invited to spend the afternoon surrounded by music.

Likewise, you not only revived activities but also created Toxicology and health conferences. The event consists of raising awareness among students about alcohol and other toxins. “We are currently preparing for next year’s conference,” announces the President.

“Sometimes it is difficult for us to participate in events.”

He says: “We are lucky in this college because the dean’s office cooperates with the delegation, unlike other delegations.” However, the President places particular emphasis on the proposal that ULL should establish a budget for all delegations. “It is often difficult for us to be able to participate in events that require mobility,” he adds.

Finally, Benitez stresses that “the college still needs a lot to improve.” He adds that his students exceed the library’s capacity, and the bathrooms are not in a sanitary condition, among other problems.

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