The College of Economic Sciences is progressing in the process of accrediting the profession of public accountant

Joanne Depp, Dean of the School of Economic Sciences at Missions National University (UNAM), Explain the requirements that must be met to obtain a career as a public accountant accreditation and also talk about face-to-face classes in college.

Juan Depp – Radio Republica

“It is a long process that started in previous administrations in 2017 and so far we have not been able to close the process, we are working hard on 4 requirements that CONEAU asks us to successfully implement this process. To give peace of mind to the educational community, these are the requirements related to uploading the data. In fact, we have done it. In this process of changing the accountant career plan we had no objections, “Depp explained.

“Throughout 2018 and 2019, we have committed to fulfilling the requirements required by CONEAU and still have 4 requirements to fulfill. We believe that we will finish this process soon. At State University, in addition to providing educational quality, we also take care of social issues. Last year we were the dining room The only one that provided lunch and dinner for the students. PosadasAdded.

The Dean of the College of Economic Sciences said: “This is a process that we all learn from, although it takes a long time, we can discover our weaknesses; these organizational processes are very good because they allow us to rethink some of the issues that national universities face, such as the low retention rate of year students The first is the high failure rate in some academic subjects, and the graduation rates at which we abandon public universities. ”

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Regarding the face-to-face classroom, Deeb explained, “The course will be hypothetical, however, we are setting and releasing the protocols expenditures that we have adopted within the university and starting with trial tests for the more advanced exams. Years. I cannot wait to be vaccinated, early years students do not know how. University life looks like. “

Faculty of Economics

In economics, they will continue with virtual classes during the first months of 2021.

We have so far received clearance to end practices that were pending last year in the health sciences department. We need to plan, upload, and wait for protocols to be approved. It is quite a challenge, there is something to improve in public transport, both in Posadas and in the rest of the regions ErrandsHe concluded his speech, saying: “Where there is no distance yet, and collect the bubble, and take care of everyone with a chin strap, and remove and clean hands and ventilate the rooms.”

“The racing certification by CONEAU is a very important achievement. To achieve this, certain criteria must be met, which are then evaluated. These standards are set by the same universities and are subject to evaluation by the Ministry of Education in the country. Once approved, these standards become goals that the professions must meet in order to be approved or if they actually meet them to further enhance their quality. “

The legal profession accredited by CONEAU

On the other hand, CONEAU has adopted the legal profession offered by the Catholic University of Santa Fe at the headquarters of Santos Martiris in Posadas. Also for Santa Fe and Reconquista.

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The College of Economic Sciences is progressing in the process of accrediting the profession of public accountant

Architecture has already got accreditation, too. “This represents a very important acknowledgment and a renewed confidence in the academic excellence of the University,” says Dean Dr. Enrique Muller.

A law degree from the Catholic University of Santa Fe has accredited Posadas, Santa Fe and Reconquista before the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU), a decentralized body of the nation’s Ministry of Education responsible for monitoring and accrediting the quality of education. University education in the country.

Accreditation decisions were reported in the last days of 2020. In it, CONEAU decided to accredit the legal profession at the Faculty of Law and Political Science for the Santo Mártires -Posadas- headquarters, as well as for the other campuses where it is shown.

It is important to note that accreditation is an individual assessment process that is conducted on each campus, by which academic quality is assured in front of the community.


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