“The climate summit farce: Oil businessmen are to blame”

I am forced to express what is inside me Discontent and frustration In the face of the joke that represents Climate Summit From this year. Current panorama Climate change requires urgent and fundamental action, but instead, we find ourselves faced with a Pantomime Led by those who contribute most to the problem.

how to The chairman of the summit is at the same time the CEO of the state-owned Emirates Oil Company? The irony and conflict of interest are clear. What good is a leader whose core business is one of the biggest culprits of carbon emissions? This election looks like an attempt Wash the image Of real commitment to the cause.

Even more disturbing is the massive presence of Representatives of oil and gas companies On the top. What are they doing there? Do we expect those who contributed greatly to the problem to now be the solution? that it An insult to the intelligence of citizens By foot.

Climate change does not wait, and the fact is that we are outperforming every year Atmospheric emissions records. While the consequences Global Warming All over the world, our current leaders seem more interested in walking down corridors and taking pictures than implementing real measures.

It is time for leaders to stop playing environmental politics and start acting purposefully. the The health of our planet is at stake Continuing to allow business interests to dictate climate policy is unacceptable. We need leaders committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

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