The Chinese Embassy in the UK defends the legality of the raid on a vehicle from Hong Kong

ShanghaiDecember 31 – A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom declared that this week’s police raid on the offices of media outlet Stand News was “completely legal and impeccable”, in response to foreign criticism of the measure.

The embassy spokesperson was responding to comments by Amanda Milling, Britain’s Secretary of State for Asia, who said in a message on the social network Twitter that the measures “further erode freedom of expression in Hong Kong”.

“The rights and interests of Hong Kong residents, including freedom of expression and freedom of the press, are safeguarded in accordance with the law,” the Chinese embassy said late Thursday.

“The Chinese side once again urges the UK to correct its mistakes and stop interfering in any way in Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal affairs,” the spokesperson added.

On Thursday, a day after a police raid on the pro-democracy news facility that led to its closure, two former Stand News editors were charged with conspiracy to publish inflammatory material and were denied bail.

About 200 clients raided the publication’s office, froze its assets, and arrested seven current and former editor-in-chiefs and former board members on Wednesday.

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