The Chilean army and the United States are preparing for joint exercises

Forces from the South American Army and the Chilean Army met again at the 6th Division headquarters to continue coordinating what will be called Exercise South Phoenix, which will be held in the Tarapaca region and will mobilize joint efforts between the two armies during 2024.

Thus, on this occasion, the North American delegation verified on the ground the expectations of the joint exercise that will develop joint activities between the 6th Army Division and the United States Army South. This was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo Jara Zozagoitia, one of the exercise directors, who noted that “a delegation of 38 men from the North American Army visited us again to continue coordinating the joint exercises that we will conduct in 2024 and 2025 on the territory of our 2nd Armored Brigade “Hunters.” In this context, we continue to plan for the “South Phoenix 2024” and “Southern Vanguard 2025” exercises, defining the initial foundations of the exercise structure, and establishing training objectives and unit sizes for achievable purposes. To do this, we held working groups by core tasks, with the South American Army delegation and its counterpart interacting with a committee from the 2nd Brigade and inter-agency organizations such as Customs, Port Authority, PDI, and the Directorate General of Air Navigation. , Ceremi Health, among others.

The next meeting between forces from the two militaries forming the “Southern Phoenix” committees will be in March, the occasion when the master planning meeting will be held, to close out final details such as “logistical coordination issues regarding the tonnage of materials to be transported.” “The North American South American Army that will arrive at the Los Condors base of FACH will be brought in, as well as other standards related to the nutrition and hydration of its personnel, among other aspects”; Commander Gaara concluded.

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