The CDMX government maintains that no exercise has been deficient in the metro’s budget – El Financiero

The Government of Mexico City This Thursday reported that The global budget approved for the metro mass transit system (STC) in 2020 is 15,652.7 million pesos; However, drawing from the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an adjusted budget of 14,290.5 million pesos.

In this sense, Almonds Elena Gonzalez EscobarMexico City’s Minister of Administration and Finance explained that the 2020 metro exercise amounted to 14,290 million pesos, which is in line with the revised budget.

“It has been said that the metro offers a sub-exercise in 2020, that’s not true. Fiscal year 2020 is 14,290 million pesos, which is exactly the same revised budget. The difference compared to the original is that we carry 40 percent fewer passengers; the official pointed out. The tariff income associated with this transfer has been reduced.

On Wednesday, and Mexico City Financial Secretariat The Public Account for 2020 was released, in which a sub-exercise of 587.8 million pesos was noted in the metro mass transit system budget.

For the most part, it was observed that the sub-exercise was for materials and supplies.

According to the document, last year the metropolitan government continued the expansion of line 12 of the metro, the Mixcoac-Observatory section, with 500 million pesos allocated in the budget, and only 481.8 million of them were implemented, while in 2019 the budget was allocated. For this expansion it was 1,610.7 million pesos.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez Escobar explained at a press conference that this budget consists of projection Based on the number of passengers carried throughout the yearOn the one hand, there is an estimate provided by the city government for quality preservation and maintenance.

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“This year the number of passengers we originally thought had not been transported, that number has decreased dramatically as a result of the epidemic, and consequently, the income derived from ticket fees has decreased. However, the government has given the metro the resources necessary to keep the metro running in the best conditions.

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