The CDMX Conference awarded the 2023 Medal of Merit in Science

  • Juan Servando Nuñez Farfan, Juan Luis Díaz de León Santiago, and Ana Lilian Martín del Pozo were honored.

11/04/24. In a solemn session, the plenary session of the Mexico City Congress awarded the 2023 Alfonso Luis Herrera Medal for Merit in Science to a woman and two men who distinguished themselves for their contributions to scientific and technological progress.

Representative Cristian Moctezuma Gonzalez, Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, recognized the achievements of the award winners and expressed that “science not only gives us answers to the challenges we face, it also inspires us to imagine a better future and gives us the tools to transform it.”

In a series of statements, Representative Victor Hugo Lobo Roman emphasized that this award recognizes not only scientific expertise, but also commitment to applying knowledge for the well-being of humanity and the planet. “Science is like a flame in the darkness, guiding us through the vast and unknown world of knowledge,” he said.

Congresswoman Andrea Evelyn Vicentino Barrientos highlighted the evolution of the activities of the award winners who seek, among other things, to train new researchers; From this standpoint, he renewed his emphasis on continuing legislation in favor of the field of scientific research.

In turn, actress Maribel Cruz Cruz highlighted the essential role of science and technology in building a modern, progressive and just society, where research and innovation are engines of development and tools to meet the major challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century. “Today’s winners represent the best of the Mexican scientific community,” he said.

For his part, Representative Javier Ramos Franco explained that this award celebrates the search for knowledge and the tireless effort that characterizes scientific work in all its forms. “Beyond their individual achievements, the winners are an example of the importance of science as a driver of change and as a unifying force,” he noted.

Congresswoman Blanca Elizabeth Sanchez Gonzalez expressed her honor to honor people who have dedicated their lives to various scientific knowledge, through which they contribute to solving problems and conflicts that arise in developing an innovative, rights-based city, generating progress in basic dimensions and encouraging new generations to take up knowledge.

Actress Polymnia Romana Sierra Bárcena expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the award winners, as well as to all women and men who contribute to social responsibility in developing projects that benefit citizens. They urged the encouragement and promotion of collective and equitable global scientific cooperation.

Lawmaker Jonathan Colmenares Renteria considered that support for science, technology and sports is essential for any government, because without it “there will be no development in Mexico City, and support must be essential for these pillars.” In particular, he thanked the award winners for their contributions and told them that they could count on him to advance their research.

On this occasion, Representative Frida Fernanda Alcantara Cabrera recognized the work of the laureates and spoke in favor of increasing 0.4 percent of the budget allocated to science and research, with the aim of improving the well-being of society.

“Science is a common-sense tool that allows us to understand the world, find answers, and ask new questions,” commented Congresswoman Indale Pardillo Cadena. He pointed to the areas of knowledge and contributions of the winners, and stressed that it is a source of pride to highlight the work of those who work to improve society and the way we deal with the environment.

Excellence in scientific research in the field of natural, exact and social sciences, due to the conduct of studies, teaching work or publication, corresponds to Juan Servando Núñez Farfán, biologist and Doctor of Ecology widely recognized in Mexico and other countries for pioneering a pioneering research group aimed at studying Evolution of defense in plants against herbivores.

In the Discoveries, Contributions or Proposals category, Juan Luis Díaz de León Santiago, Ph.D. in Mathematical Morphology, was honored for his contributions in areas such as artificial intelligence, remote sensing, pattern recognition, and public and national security.

Finally, in the category of creative projects or works that modify or develop the technological field, that are considered a proven contribution to science and technology, and whose behavior is considered an example of fidelity to their scientific mission, the award was won by Dr. Anna. Lillian Martin from Pozo, an expert in volcanology, to develop ash monitoring and magnetic monitoring networks for Popocatepetl volcano.

On behalf of the award winners, Dr. Martín del Pozo thanked the local Congress for the honor of her appointment, as well as the support given to her work and scientific development by UNAM, the Mexico City Government and Congress. , among other institutions. “Science is really expensive, and it is difficult to maintain it for many years without your support,” he concluded.


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