The cast and fans gather at La Casa de Papel to celebrate the legacy of the popular Netflix series

Actors of the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”.

Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images

Amidst applause and applause, members of the world’s most famous gang of thieves, belonging to the famous TV series The, arrived. Netflix, “Stealing money“, for this event Celebrate the legacy of that history with special guests and exclusive global streaming content.

Alvaro Morte (Professor), Ursula Corbeiro (Tokyo), Pedro Alonso (Berlin) along with other members of La Panda and representatives gathered to celebrate and share Special moments from the series with previews and stories never seen before in a live broadcast.

Hybrid event in the presence of celebrities and fans, Broadcast on Youtube with simultaneous subtitles in 10 different languages, the global celebration of one of the most successful foreign language shows on Netflix.

“La Casa de Papel: Legacy” event | Gabriel Boys | Getty Images for Netflix

During the evening, momentous events occurred that surprised more than one such as The special post of British singer Ed Sheeran who made his “audition” through the video part of the band. In a fictional version of the UK show, it is suggested that his character be called “Ipswich”.

Also a Mexican-American singer Becky G sent her best wishes to everyone through a video Before debuting the exclusive teaser for her cover “Bella Ciao”, while Park Hye Soo is the hero of the Korean series “Squid game” He did not miss the opportunity to send his best wishes to the representatives of “La Casa de Papel”.

To bring the night to life, Cecilia Kroll joined live on stage and sang the main theme of the series, “My Life is Going On,” a performance that was later followed by a choir with actors who sang the iconic theme “Bella Ciao.”

“La Casa de Papel: Legacy” event | Pablo Cuadra | Getty Images for Netflix

However, it didn’t end there, because after the event, Netflix dropped the biggest bombshell ever Announced that the world of “La Casa de Papel” will expand with the show “Berlin”: “This is an unforgettable moment because it’s the end of one cycle, but it’s the beginning of another. I was talking this morning to Jesús (Colmenar, the series’ executive producer) and I told him that we’re headed in an unknown direction, but that in turn is going to be as beautiful and exciting as this one that closes,” Pedro said. Alonso is the actor who embodies this character.”

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