“The case turned into an endless wait behind the phone.”

family Seth Jimenez Martin31 years old and Missing in the UK Since last February 24, it has issued a statement that it sent on Tuesday to DIARIO DE AVISOS, asking once again for the intervention of the public authorities in the case and “to create an alliance between the forces, the State Security Corps and the local services of Yorkshire, England, to put an end to this nightmare as quickly as possible.”

Those close to the young man from Valesico insist that their goal is not “to identify errors in the operation or enter into a conflict,” because “our energies remain focused at all times on finding Seth.” Likewise, they appreciated the “attention” and “support” they received over three months.

But they believe that their relative “was considered missing from the first moment and no action was taken in accordance with the procedures required by this type of case.”

They realize that the means provided by the local authorities “were insufficient” and neither was “the assistance provided by Spanish institutions,” which although “seemed effective at first, eventually turned into an endless wait behind the phone.”


Seth Jimenez Martin was last seen last Saturday, February 24, in the city of York, the capital of the county of Yorkshire, in northern England, where he has lived for two years.

The last person he had direct contact with was his roommate, at approximately 9:00 a.m., when the young man left for work. Some witnesses claim to have seen him bathing in the River Ouse on the same day, around 4:30 p.m.

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Juan Carlos Santana, spokesman for the family, told the newspaper DIARIO DE AVISOS that the search conducted by local authorities focused on the river environment with the participation of divers and rescue helicopters.

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