The carrier Deimos Space awards the installation of marine rescue radars in the Canary Islands

The Ministry of Transport chose deimos space, A subsidiary of the Spanish company Elecnor Deimos, for the supply and installation, in operational condition, Radar subsystem For maritime rescue coordination centers in the Canary Islands, as well as those in Bilbao, Santander, Gijón and La Coruña.

The award, which was published on Friday in the Official Gazette, was scheduled to be awarded on July 21. Of the six offers received at the bidding stage, including one from an SME, Deimos Space was selected, among other reasons, for being the one that It was less expensive: 3,776,200 euros compared to 4,839,641.54 euros in which the highest bid was evaluated.

In fact, the most important piece of information when considering the award was the financial offer – it represented it 40% of the decision– Compared to other factors that will be evaluated such as spare parts supply guarantee certificates and spare parts warranty period; Certificates of guarantee of technical service and improvements in warranty terms; Spare part quantity; Warranty period Scope of offer Structure and content of offer; Sensors and auxiliary systems.

About Deimos

Deimos is a European technology group founded in 2001 with over 500 employees, headquartered in Spain and with subsidiaries in five countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. He provides Advanced technologies in aerospace, defence, transportation, aviation, navy, communications and digital intelligence.

it’s about A technology subsidiary of Elecnora large Spanish group founded in 1958, is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange and currently covers a total of 12 sectors within four large business areas: networks and infrastructure, telecommunications, renewable energies and franchising.

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