The call for the L’Oréal-UNESCO National Prize – Aptos has opened

This initiative is in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet).

The National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet) and L’Oréal Argentina, from today until July 29, opened a new invitation to L’Oréal-UNESCO National Award For Women in Science The year 2022 that distinguishes excellence scientific From researchers and postdoctoral fellows, officially.

In the 16th edition of the award, not only will the profession of a researcher be recognized up to the age of 54, but the training and development of a young researcher or postdoctoral fellow up to the age of 36 will also be rewarded, the organizers said.

scientific excellence

This competition rewards scientific excellence, “Promoting and stimulating women’s participation in the scientific field, with financial assistance of 1,500,000 pesos for an Argentine researcher up to the age of 54 years to further develop her project within the country”They indicated.

Also, two special mentions will be given for the award category and the scholarship category, and an estimate of 1 million pesos will be given to a young researcher up to the age of 36 or a fellow in postdoctoral training.

science to work

Projects must be framed in the subject sciences, specifically in one or several areas of one of the following fields or disciplines within the exact and natural sciences: Chemical sciences. physical; astronomy mathematics and computing; Earth, Water and Atmospheric Sciences.

They will also be able to deal with agricultural sciences; environmental sciences; habitat and design; computing civil, electrical, mechanical and related engineering; food engineering and biotechnology; process engineering; Materials engineering, technology, technological and social development.

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How do you participate?

To participate in the National Award, those interested must belong to a Conicet Researcher Career; To be a project manager in progress; be up to 54 years old inclusive when the call hangs; And that the project is related to one of the disciplines and is implemented in Argentina.

The organizers clarified that “the winners of the previous sessions of the award or the winners of the international award will not be considered in the candidacy,” although “researchers who applied in previous sessions and did not graduate were selected.”

Candidates who received special mentions in previous editions may also apply, but will be exempted from receiving special mentions.

Scholarship Category Requirements

Meanwhile, for the scholarship category, the requirements are: affiliation with a Conicet Researcher Career, be a Board Postdoctoral Fellow or for a re-entry grant; Participation in a project in progress; be up to 36 years of age inclusive when the call hangs; The project is related to any of the disciplines mentioned above and is implemented in Argentina.

Winners of previous editions of the L’Oréal-UNESCO National Prize for “Women in Science” supported by Conicet, or winners of the International Prize, nor winners of the UNESCO International L’Oréal Scholarship for Women will not be considered either. In Science”, nor spouses, ancestors, grandchildren or relatives: L’Oréal Argentina employees; jury members and evaluators.

Queries About applications can be sent to the mail [email protected]

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