The call for dialogue assumes the decline of the Venezuelan opposition

A specialized source confirmed that the invitation of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaid贸, to negotiate with the government today represents an admission of the resounding retreat of his plans to change the regime in the country.

According to a report published by the Samuel Robinson Institute, the former Venezuelan congressman’s proposal for the so-called National Salvation Agreement means reversing his speech based on a promise not to accept any method of dialogue with the Bolivarian executive.

Even the self-styled president called for “incentives to be introduced to the regime, including the gradual lifting of sanctions, on the condition that these objectives of the agreement be complied with,” according to a letter published last week on Twitter.

Since Joe Biden’s rise to the presidency of the United States, the “Guaido Project” has faced a dead end and fragmented, and in the face of a continuous accumulation of political failures, the cost of keeping the opposition leader afloat is unaffordable. Here are the values 鈥嬧媜f the Center for the Study of Original Thought.

馃敺 Maduro: “The glory of destroying the opposition belongs to Trump and Guaido”

After the new board of directors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) was appointed through the National Assembly (Parliament), the sector represented by Juan Guaid贸 was removed from the agreement reached with the moderate sector of the opposition with parliamentary representation.

In this sense, the agenda for regime change headed by the former deputy appeared weak again, without credibility or a future, according to the relevant source.

He added that, before the new CNE acknowledgment signals from Washington and the European Union, Guaid贸 launched a National Deal initiative, which is a dramatic attempt to enter the ongoing negotiations by raising the possibility of canceling sanctions in exchange for political concessions. . ‘.

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鈥淎lthough it is difficult to close the Guaid贸 project publicly, (…) there are certainly indications that the Biden administration is changing its approach in the face of the Bolivarian government’s offensive to dialogue and institutional restructuring for the country,鈥 the statement said. Samuel Robinson Institute.

In recent statements, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, called on the most radical factions in the opposition to abandon the course of the coup and intervene, regarding new approaches to negotiations.

馃敺 Maduro calls on the opposition to abandon the course of the coup

The Venezuelan President endorsed the executive鈥檚 readiness for dialogue with all political sectors in the country, and put forward issues on the agenda to stop interference and call for an invasion of the country, in addition to recognizing the constitution and the legitimate authorities of the state. Country.

Maduro also demanded that the Venezuelan right be responsible for the resources provided by the United States government for the conspiratorial missions, as well as saving all resources and assets withheld from the South American country abroad.

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