The button that you must activate in WhatsApp to avoid spying

No doubt, WhatsApp It never ceases to surprise us with its functions to take care of the security of our messages and calls. Through this application we share personal information with trusted contacts, for example, photos, identity data and documents.

But did you know that it has an avoid button to spy From IP address? in A little technology We explain how it works.

WhatsApp. Photo: El Universal Archives

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According to the WhatsApp Help Center, when the button is activated “IP address protection in calls” You need to make sure that the sender cannot find your device’s location when it connects to the app’s servers.

This allows us to protect ourselves from spying, because using the IP address they can know the geographical area we are in, the operating system we are using, and even send it to us. DDoS attacks To lock devices.

In addition to the previous security measure, we have the secondary button “Turn off link previews”. This is an optional IP layer of protection.

If you turn it on, links you send won’t generate a preview, but you can still receive previews from other senders. This means that third party sites will not be able to deduct your money IP address.

Both buttons are located in the same section. Would you like to activate it? Do the following steps:

  • Go to settings.”
  • Then go to “Privacy”.
  • Scroll down and enter the “Advanced” section.
  • You can then activate or deactivate the “Protect IP in Calls” and “Disable Link Previews” buttons whenever you want.

he Face ID It also helps to have greater security on WhatsApp. This configuration relies on facial recognition to access the account thus preventing strangers from spying on your conversations. Activate it as follows:

  • Go to settings.”
  • Go to “Privacy”.
  • In the “App Lock” option, activate the “Requires Face ID” button.

It is worth noting that this function is only available on iPhone devices. Otherwise, it will not appear in the application list. Remember, advanced Face ID technology makes biometric unlocking possible by detecting facial features for added security.

Face ID to protect your WhatsApp. Photo: El Universal Archives.

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