The British Thriller on Netflix is ​​a huge hit

On Netflix, one of the films released this year was a huge hit. This is I came. We tell you what it is!

Netflix Do you a program The most used in the world. It has a catalog that tries to combine great movies and produces more movies. This year, he premiered several films that were highlighted by his inclinations and the audience on social networks. One of them is take revengethe movie premiered last week and the other one is I cameHis latest success.

what is he talking about?

UK movie has George MacKay, Percel Ascott, Kelly MacDonald, Hugh Bonneville, Varada Sethu, Lee Byford And other talents as part of the cast. titled Babak AnvariIt lasts less than two hours.

I came also Passed from here It is a thriller movie whose official synopsis is:A graffiti artist who targets elite homes discovers a twisted secret in a hidden basement and unleashes events that endanger those he loves.“.

It was available in Netflix And she received a great reception from the public on social networking sites.

Did you see it, moviegoers?

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