The British Prime Minister has denied making changes in his administration after the recent electoral defeats

Boris Johnson defended his administration. (Photo: AFP).

UK Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonHe defended his administration on Saturday after the two defeats his power received in the last partial legislative elections, and warned those who criticize his style of being that he cannot go through a “psychological transformation”.

The prime minister indicated that he would “wholeheartedly and humbly accept the criticism he received” as long as it “sustained”, after the poor results of the Conservative Party, which this week lost two seats in Parliament when it lost in the elections held. in Tiverton-Hunton and Wakefield, southwest and northern England, respectively.

In an interview with the BBC from Rwanda, where he is attending the Commonwealth Summit, Johnson noted that many British governments were “beaten” during local elections He justified the fall by saying that the voters were “tired” of talking about him and not about his government’s initiatives.

They both lost the election by large margins at a time when pressure is mounting on Johnson in the wake of the party-organised scandal during the pandemic.

They both lost the elections by large margins as pressure mounts on Johnson after a party scandal staged during the pandemic at State House, a crisis in living standards and the biggest rail strike in the past 30 years.

Despite this situation, Johnson refused to return to the UK until he had completed his schedule abroad.Which ends next Thursday after attending the G7 summits in Germany and NATO in Spain.

The prime minister warned those who criticize his character that he is unlikely to undergo a “psychological transformation” and called on voters to focus on what the government is doing for them.

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The electoral defeat struck a chord in the British Conservative Party and its current leader, Oliver Dowden, resigned.

“We can’t continue to act as if nothing had happened,” Dowden admitted in his resignation letter, posted on his Twitter account, in which he summarized Thursday’s election as “the last in a long line of very poor results.” A resounding defeat for the force in the local elections on May 5, when the Conservatives lost nearly 400 seats in the county councils.

Johnson has refused to return to the UK until he completes his schedule abroad, which ends next Thursday after attending G7 summits.

In response, Johnson claimed his character as a guide to the country: “What I can do and want to do is continue to transform and improve our systems and our economy.”

“The only substantial argument against my character was the desire expressed by some people to join the European Union,” the Europa Press news agency quoted Johnson, one of the main promoters of Brexit, as saying.

The Prime Minister issued a statement to Sky News indicating that the by-election could be interpreted as a “safety valve” used by voters to vent against the government.

In this sense Johnson made clear that in the face of these complaints, The leader’s job is to “exclude really important critics.”

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