The Bolivian Geoffrey Movement honors Inti Peredo

“For efforts to succeed, discipline is not necessarily imposed but awareness is necessary,” expresses a text written by Peridot, along with the image of the revolutionary fighter with a backpack on his back.

The part of the letter signed by the leader, Inti Peredo, adds that “he who acquires this awareness (…) must renounce everything that a man or woman who is alienated from this oppressive society usually aspires to.”

Born on April 30, 1937, he was influenced by his father, a teacher and director of the Catholic newspaper El Imparcial, and from a young age joined a small group of young Communist Party founders in the province of El-Bunni.

He held various positions and became a member of the Central Committee of that organization.

Together with his brother Roberto (Coco), Jorge Vázquez Viaña and Rodolfo Saldania, he provided important assistance in organizing the People’s Guerrilla Army, headed by journalist Jorge Ricardo Massetti (Comandante Segundo), which would operate in the Argentine province of Salta.

After the failure of this project, in 1966 he was one of the founders of the National Liberation Army on the orders of Ernesto Che Guevara, who appointed him as one of the political commissars of that force.

After the defeat at the Battle of Quebrada del Yuro, he played an important role in the departure of a small group of fighters from the fenced area and their arrival at the border with Chile.

He returned to Bolivia in May 1969 and two months later published the “We’re Back to the Mountain” message, which unleashed the utter persecution of the oppressive, dictatorial bodies run by the CIA.

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On the accusation, on September 9, 1969, he surrounded 150 soldiers in a house in La Paz, and after an hour of unequal fighting he was seriously wounded in the leg and arm with a grenade, which facilitated his capture.

In prison he was subjected to severe torture without being able to extract any confession from him, and they decided to kill him because of it.

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