The bloody cult film that Netflix did not dare to add and which is causing outrage around the world

Netflix It is positioned as one of the platforms for flow Most popular all over the world, thanks to its extensive catalog of films, series and documentaries. This constant variety of content clearly attracts users who are always looking for new things to enjoy in their free time. Anyway, there is film Especially since they did not dare to add, Considering it is really scary and special.

Straight to number three in the UK charts, the latest masterpiece from Jordan Peele, the genius who succeeded him Get out And we, It shook the foundations of horror cinema. With only three films under his belt, he is already considered an icon of the genre. It was his last creation no! (no)which was recently added to Netflix From the United Kingdom and he Hailed as “the quintessential film,” it captured global attention and cemented his reputation as a visionary of contemporary cinema.

In this regard, Ben Travis, deputy online editor for… Empire Magazine“Because Nope has just been added to Netflix UK,” he commented. “I really think it’s time to consider it Jordan Peele’s best film.”. In this sense, Many doubts were reported before being added to the popular platform: “I wasn’t sure at firstBut watching it again a few times reveals a lot of layers. Incredibly rich in subject matter but also simply governing “Unlock the sky.”

This is one of Jordan Peele's most famous works.

This is one of Jordan Peele’s most famous works.

In this latest work from Jordan Peele, Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer star as horse caregivers on a remote farm. The pair embark on a mission to take photos of a mysterious UFO haunting the night sky. As darkness fell, Chilling discoveries and unexpected twists test your sanity and ability to survive.

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Nope, starring Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea, became Bale’s most controversial film to date, receiving a strong critical approval rating of 83% in 2010. Rotten tomatoesAlthough the audience is more divided at 69%. For this very reason, It is considered a cinematic experience that defies all expectations and leaves the viewer breathless until the shocking ending..

“Jordan Peele’s Nope is not only a perfect horror movie, but also a perfect summer movie. A true masterpiece!” One viewer reacted upon seeing it similarly to a review of the film written by Ben Turner Pink lens Mentionsed: “An exciting, tense, bloody and disturbing journeyand it’s also brilliantly restrained, with something strangely satisfying about the fact that the characters finally utter “No!”, in moments of extreme danger.

Bill himself said regarding his great work CBS morning: “First and foremost, I wanted to make a horror film about UFOs.”. And then, of course, it’s like, where’s the famous movie Black UFO?“. “Whenever I feel that my favorite film is not being made, that is the void I try to fill with my films.”he added.

Currently in Argentina It is available on the following platforms:

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