The best Windows 11 software to remove pre-installed programs now works on all versions

We've talked to you about Tiny11 Builder on several occasions, and it's a tool that has solved more than one complicated situation with Windows for us. Unfortunately, such an effective program has not yet been available. On all versions of the operating platform. This has changed with the latest update, which comes with new features so you can remove everything that's left from your Windows 11 installation.

Goodbye restrictions

Until now Tiny11 Builder was only available in some versions of Windows 11, and it became a problem for users who did not have one of these versions. Because, so far, it's been clear that it's a really effective app. However, you have The opportunity to clean up Condensed of everything included in the pre-installed operating system. These types of software, which we know as bloatware, come from the factory, and in many cases, we realize that these are tools we don't need.

In fact, part of why Windows 11 doesn't offer efficient or satisfactory performance, in other words, has to do with bloatware. because There are too many programs Which, in many cases, we don't want to get involved with.

Take control of your Windows

This tool created by NTDEV is completely free, and little by little, it has established itself as one of the best recommendations for Windows users. If you've never tried it before, you'll be happy to know List of applications that you can delete It's very wide. In my case, what I'm most concerned about is uninstalling the Xbox app, because I'm a PlayStation user and don't use it for anything at all. The only thing left is a trace of the Xbox ID, but by our fingers, the app may not appear again after the update.

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Other apps you can delete include Clipchamp, Mail, Alarms, GetStarted, Weather, Sound Recorder, Office Hub, Calendar, Internet Explorer, GetHelp, News, OneDrive, Maps, or Your Phone , and others. In addition, there are other important tips about applications that you can delete so that you never have to see them again on your computer: Media Player, Solitaire and Microsoft Edge. You imagine Completely remove the edge After you got rid of Internet Explorer?

Of course, it's also important to think with some logic, since you might want to keep using Edge in case something happens and you're not able to continue using your usual browser. After all that, You will need Microsoft software To perform the download of Firefox, Chrome or any other browser you prefer.

There is another advantage of this software that goes beyond just removing tools pre-installed by Microsoft. This is the opportunity to skip the requirements that Windows has to do You are using a user account From Microsoft. This is an important advantage given that the requirement does not satisfy everyone, especially in light of the company’s insistence on expanding the need to benefit from its user accounts. That's not to say there aren't other programs used for this purpose, such as Rufus, but Tiny11 Builder includes the functionality A very positive aspect An additional benefit to take into consideration. If you want to download the software, just visit its developer's official profile from Github here.

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