The best and longest-running sci-fi series continues to run on Netflix, although the final season was the most panned. Black Mirror has been revamped

Despite everything, the show was once again a huge ratings hit on the platform

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It’s not common to find this kind of news with Netflix, but it exists. The streaming service has been renewed Black mirror For the seventh season, despite the decline that the last batch of stories means in the eyes of users.

The sci-fi show, originally created by Charlie Brooker for Channel 4 in the UK, has been broadcasting under the Netflix umbrella since 2016 where, after a long break, it launched its sixth season. This wasn’t exactly well received by viewers since there were no elements of this type in three of its five episodes (you’ll just have to look at IMDb), but the fact is that the show was once again… A huge success for the audience on the platform.

Let’s remember that Black Mirror is an anthology in which screenwriters create depressing realities or futures that can be taken as a warning about the direction we are headed as a society. A goal that won the approval of millions of viewers around the world and made it his final season. One of the most watched shows on Netflix.

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Selections with big names

At the moment there are no details about this new season, other than that it will not use artificial intelligence. The last series had a stellar cast in which names such as Salma Hayek, Annie Murphy, Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett and Baba El Sayed stood out, while in the fifth season we can also see Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Topher Grace and Miley Cyrus.

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