The Argentine President will launch the Reconstruir – Prensa Latina program

The President will launch this project with the Minister of Regional Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferrarese, of the municipality of Ensenada in Buenos Aires, with the aim of completing the implementation of paralyzed homes and others that have been planned and approved and never started.

The initiative took shape last April, and as the Executive Authority made clear, it has a major investment to complete the 55,000 homes that were abandoned during the administration of former President Mauricio Macri when they were in the process of being built by various implementing entities, with the state. Financing.

Minister Jorge Ferrarese indicated a few days ago that these are many residential buildings of varying degrees of progress abandoned by the previous administration and thanks to the approval of both houses of the legislature on the Argentine Federal Building and Housing Access Act, it will be launched.

The Reconstuir Program is part of several projects implemented by the Alberto Fernández government on access to residential space, such as the Procrear Plan, the Federal Regional, Urban and Housing Development Policy, and the Casa Propia Credit Line Policy.

The latter introduces a new credit model thanks to new zero-rate lines, with capital updated, which is adjusted according to household income.

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