The Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences celebrates its 212th anniversary with a new room

Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia celebrated its 212th anniversary with the opening of a new room. This is the “El Agua” space, which aims to promote scientific dissemination and raise awareness about the conservation of natural resources.

“We have celebrated 212 years of history, and for 29 years the museum has been an executive unit of CONICET, which means it is also a center of research, science and technology, and you can see this in every room,” explained Luis Capuzo, director of the museum. Likewise, he added: “MACNBR has the advantage of generating its own funds. An example of this is the specialized technical inputs or services provided here through our scanning electron microscopes.

“The services that our specialists provide to the community, around the natural sciences, are added. In addition to the communication with social and productive actors that are implemented to meet the various challenges,” Capuzzo continued in his statements. CONICET Press.

Ajwa: The new exhibition hall at the museum

The space was implemented by members of different areas of the museum: researchers, the DRI exhibitions and conferences team of CONICET and special technical teams. It covers 250 new square meters that are added to the reinforcement of another 250 square meters integrated.

Topics range from the water cycle, the water footprint, wetland areas, and the species and biodiversity that inhabit or benefit from aquatic spaces. The waters of the Argentine ocean and sea are addressed, as well as their conservation and pollution management, as well as the work of marine biologists and the Argentine continental shelf, among others.

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