The amazing healing of Don Ignacio Lopez Tarso

Mexico City– After being admitted to the hospital in an emergency last Monday Don Ignacio Lopez Tarso He is recovering quickly from bacterial pneumonia, his family and the actor himself have reported on his personal Facebook page.

Dear friends, friends and the media, I appreciate your concern and expressions of affection, I am in the hospital because I presented a picture of bacterial pneumonia, fortunately I am being treated very well, and I am recovering quickly. I am very happy to receive your messages and your affection from all people.”

And added:

“See you soon in the theater!”

seen: This is how the actor was taken to the hospital


Ignacio López Tarso is recovering in an amazing manner, after a day in the hospital, where he arrived practically unconscious; This Wednesday, he’s peppy and talking, “He’s already showered, watches TV and already ate a good breakfast,” his son Ignacio Aranda spoke in a radio interview.

“Ignacio Lopez Tarso Oak, he’s a very strong man.”

This is what he told the journalist Javier Buza.

The actor from the golden age of Mexican cinema will complete seven days in the hospital to fully recover.

what happened?

After he fainted and his temperature rose to more than 100 degrees on Monday night, his children called an ambulance and he was immediately admitted. Many tests were done and Covid and influenza were ruled out, Ignacio Lopez Tarso was infected with bacteria and the infection progressed quickly until he was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia.

The actor relaxed his care and was going out to several public events without a mask: he was awarded an honorary doctorate at Ixtlahuaca and on weekends he went to the Hidalgo Theater to unveil the storyboard I love you you are now so perfect.

Ignacio Lopez Tarso

There were a lot of people without masks and the actor was almost an hour on the red carpet.

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Once Ignacio López Tarso leaves the hospital, he will continue his plans to return to the theater that is his life, and will begin a tour with the play. “Leonardo and the Flying Machine”.


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