The alarming prediction of a British spy predicting a global catastrophe

Ciaran Martinthe last great spy of United kingdomWe made a terrifying speculation about progress artificial intelligence (Amnesty International) And in detail the factors that will threaten the stability of society as a whole.

This was expressed in a report I published Daily Star He joins the long list of theorists who question the use of this new technological tool.

Bill Gates made predictions and they came true in Argentina: no one expected it

‘Self-conscientiousness’ and ‘deep stakes’: troubling arguments against artificial intelligence shared by leading professionals

“AI is now much easier to fake things, much easier to impersonate voices, Much easier to pass off as real informationIt’s easier to do on a large scale,” said the former secret agent.

In addition, make sure that this new tool is ‘Undermining the fabric of our society’ And I feared the consequences. Essentially, the expert reasoned, AI systems will be left behind in the monitoring techniquesso this will remain only in the hands “Private Corporations of the United States”.

Ciaran Martin, former British spy.

Martinwork in Blavatnik Government School, OxfordHe stressed the problems that the rest of the countries will go through with regard to North America.

“The big question is How to make technology markets work in ways that validate information with credibility and economic efficiency.

Another “terrifying” prediction from one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence

Added to seeing the former spy Jeffrey Hintona brilliant pioneer in the field of technology who was responsible for working on the first tools for artificial intelligence.

A few months ago, he resigned from his position, and although at first he considered it just a retirement from his career, the real reasons later became known: he became A pessimistic prophet about the consequences of artificial intelligence For humanity.

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Pioneer of artificial intelligence.

he said in an interview with New York times And he admitted: “Part of me now regrets my life’s work.”

after his departure from Google, declared his fear of developing “technology that works better than the human mind”. “I don’t think they should expand this further Until they understand, they can control it.”

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