The African Union highlights struggles and development on Africa Day (+Photo)

In his message on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the founding of the Organization of African Unity at the time in the capital by 32 heads of state, now the African Union, Mohammed expressed that African intellectual, scientific and cultural resources were greatly diverse and enriching. .

“The African economy has grown at a rate that many parts of the world envy. Its resilience during the global COVID-19 crisis has impressed many, with appreciation for the contribution of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to the successful response to the pandemic,” he added.

He realized that the population explosion in Africa, the social restrictions resisting the demands of the New World, the continuing deterioration of climatic conditions, and various forms of foreign interference in its internal affairs, did not contribute to this progress.

Likewise, the clear deficiency in governance threatens to transform the positive assets mentioned above into factors of social justice, equality, and comprehensive prosperity.

“The Africa Day that we celebrate today is undoubtedly, as I often say, an appropriate moment to reflect, to take stock of the progress we have made, but also to reflect on the path that remains to be followed,” he stressed.

In addition to addressing governments and official institutions, he indicated in his speech addressed to the youth and women of the African continent that liberation and progress in development and integration have now become a reality.

“This has been the result of the vision and leadership of the Founding Fathers and current leaders, but also and above all, of their mobilization of hundreds of millions of people across the continent, their many sacrifices and their unwavering resistance to ensure this.” He stressed that the sun shines and warms the planet Africa.

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He pointed out that increased mobilization and cohesive struggles are the solution to the crises witnessed by some African countries, terrorism, the deterioration of the natural environment, unemployment of youth and women, immigration, the decline of democratic values, and unconstitutional changes of government.

He considered that the Organization of African Unity now stands at a real crossroads, hence the necessity of reforming itself with determination and courage to become a strong lever for “liberation, integration and the defense of African dignity with regard to ourselves, but also with respect to others.” “


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