The actor’s brother fears he will be gone forever

(CNN) – Nick Sands, Julian Sands’ brother, told a British newspaper that he knew “in his heart” that the actor was “gone”, while authorities in California continued to search for him.

Julian Sands was first reported missing in the Mount Baldy, California area on January 13.

Authorities are “about to enter the second full week of their search for missing hiker Julian Sands. Multiple search efforts have been conducted by land and air,” according to a news release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at this time. Mr. Sands has not been located and no evidence of his current location has been found.

The other hiker, 75-year-old Los Angeles resident Jin Zhong, who was last seen on Sunday, was found with “some weather-related injuries and a leg injury, but was able to walk with the assistance of his limbs.” “From the team.”

Chung “was transported to a local hospital for treatment,” the news release said. “No further information is currently available.”

Authorities said they are continuing to search for Sands, 65, who is remembered for his roles in the films “Room with a View,” “The Killing Fields,” and “Arachnophobia.”

His older brother spoke Craven Herald & Pioneer About his concerns about his brother’s disappearance.

Nick Sands said: “His disappearance has not been announced yet, but I know in my heart that he is gone.” “However, knowing the truth about sibling rivalry, it will be as if he is showing up to prove me wrong.”

Nick Sands also talked about his brother’s love of hiking.

“When he was in Los Angeles, the Mount Baldy ridge was his favorite place, and he would go there as often as he could,” Sands said. “Julian liked to say: ‘I’ve never had a vacation, but I take a break every now and then.’ Well, now he’s resting in a place he’ll actually approve of.”

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“Many hikers, both experienced and novice, underestimate the steep terrain, unpredictable weather, and strong winds that occur in our mountain regions,” officials warned in their statement, advising “hikers to avoid dangerous mountain areas, such as Mount Baldy, at this time.” . “

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