The Achilles' heel of the UK's AI race

Latest Microsoft reportIn collaboration with Dr. Chris Brower from the University of London, they set off alarm bells. British companies show problems around Cyber ​​preparedness in the UK. Despite its leading position in global cybersecurity rankings, the report highlights a worrying deficiency in cybersecurity “Cyber ​​Resilience” In 87% of British companies.

Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity Failure

Surveyed research Over 1,000 cybersecurity professionals and business leadersIt reveals that only 13% of UK organizations are equipped to meet the cybersecurity challenges of the age of artificial intelligence (AI). This preparedness gap is not only widening Risk of costly ransomware attacks. It also threatens the country's ambition to achieve it “Superpower in Artificial Intelligence” In the next decade.

Paul Kelly, Security Business Group Manager at Microsoft UK, points out this “Cybercriminals, some with resources similar to those of nation-states, are increasingly using artificial intelligence to launch more sophisticated and impactful attacks.”. However, it also highlights this “This research presents a clear opportunity for organizations to leverage AI to improve cybersecurity.”

The report notes that in order to unleash potential economic benefits 52 billion poundsSignificant improvements to corporate security are necessary. This includes a call to action for the UK to strengthen its cybersecurity infrastructure. As well as consolidating its ambition to become a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

As we can see, the workings of AI are becoming more and more clear. Being an AI superpower is something that should not be left aside. We will see whether the UK will achieve its goal or whether another country will surpass the British in this area.

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