The abandoned app has already appeared for the first time, but it only disappointed and angered fans

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application up has already appeared. Several PlayStation 5 users have downloaded the over 5GB patch package with mixed hopes. Some wanted to see a comeback silent HillOthers were satisfied to see something new from an independent proposal. Despite the delays, neither thing happened and the only thing left was anger and disappointment among the fans.

Let’s get to the point: what the heck is in the app up? It’s a short joke of a few seconds that shows us a man walking down an aisle. So far so good, after all, BLUE BOX Game Studios have made it clear that they will only show a teaser up, but it will not be playable content.

The reason for the disappointment in the teaser is that BLUE BOX Game Studio actually featured it on Twitter this week. The only difference is that the real-time teaser includes a song that hasn’t been heard on the social network. This way, fans have been waiting to see a teaser that was already available for days and BLUE BOX made no effort to make it clear that the community didn’t have to wait for the app.

The community is upset with BLUE BOX for the app up

As you can imagine, society was upset by this situation. After all, many were waiting for something new. Thus, in the past few hours we have seen many fans raising their voices in this case.

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For example in r/TheBlueBoxConpiracy, Largest sub-forum dedicated to theories related to upSociety complains about humor. That is, if there is no shortage of those who analyze him to look for more clues linking him to him silent Hill.

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“[Hasan Kamrahan] It’s fake. Please stop believing that this is Kojima and get over it, this person doesn’t deserve the attention he’s getting. It’s as if he enjoys making people think that he is silent Hill“, User said Mean-ad-1538. At this point, this is clearly someone trying to imitate Kojima’s hype/ARG style which is pretty obvious. All the voicemails, texts, etc. where he says he’s “trying to stop the noise” is lies, and it’s almost weird how he gets excited about this fake hype about silent Hill. I hope he’ll come out soon and say, ‘I’m not trying to be silent HillThe music was unintentional.

On the other hand, this issue also caused quite a stir on Twitter, a social network in which the public was very disappointed.

And you, what do you think of this whole situation? Tell us in the comments.

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