The 5 strangest sports you didn’t know existed

Bosabal match, a surprising sport.Facebook

world sports Diverse and fascinating, with a myriad of specialties ranging from Classics like football and basketball Until the More extravagant and bizarreBeyond Harry Potter Quidditch. On this occasion, we will enter the world of magic Lesser known sports, but no less exciting for that reason. From chair racing to dwarf throwing, these sports prove that human creativity has no limits when it comes to competition and entertainment.

Office chair racing

If you think sitting in a chair is a lazy activity, think again. The office chair race is A competition that tests speed and skill Of the track participants. This sport, which is very popular in Switzerland and parts of Germany, involves running on a wheeled chair while maintaining an unstable balance.

Rules and how to practice: Participants must sit on a chair and use their hands and feet to push themselves forward. The first to cross the finish line is the winner. Although it may seem simple, maintaining balance in a wheelchair is quite challenging. The sport has become very popular in some parts of Europe, especially Germany, where local and national competitions are held. This year the first World Office Chair Championship was held in Switzerland.

Diving in the swamp

Diving into the swamp is Unusual activity It is played in various places in the United Kingdom and also in other Central European countries, and has become a competitive sport that attracts participants and spectators from all over the world.

Rules and how to practice: Competitors dive into a channel of muddy, turbid water, usually in a swamp or swampy terrain, and must swim a certain distance using only a diving technique. The interesting thing is that the use of traditional diving suits or fins is not allowed; Participants should rely solely on their ability to navigate through the water using snorkelling goggles and diving goggles. The goal is to complete the route in the shortest time possible. The combination of dark, muddy water, coupled with low visibility, makes swamp diving a unique and fun challenge for adventure seekers.


Originally from Central Asia, it is buzkashi An equestrian sport that involves much more than just horse riding. It is a traditional game played for centuries in countries such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, although it appears to have originated from Uzbekistan.

Rules and how to practice: The goal of buzkashi is to carry the carcass of a goat or sheep, usually headless and sometimes limbless, known as a “boz”, to a target on the opposing field while competing against other riders. Players must snatch the “Booze” from opponents and defend it from their attacks. The sport is extremely dangerous, as riders compete in a chaotic environment, fighting for possession of the animal and avoiding high-speed collisions. Buzkashi is very popular in Central Asia and is often an important social event.


Busabal is A mixture of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeiraWith a touch of Brazilian music. This extravagant sport is played on an inflatable court that combines a trampoline and a net.

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Rules and how to practiceThe goal of bosababall is to pass the ball to the opposing team over the net and have it touch the ground on their court. Players can hit the ball with any part of their body while in the air, resulting in amazing movements and movements. Live music and a festive atmosphere make bosababall a unique sport that has gained popularity in many countries, especially in Europe and Latin America.

Mongoose legging

This sport is as strange as its name. Originally from England, the ferret It consists of holding two live ferrets in baggy, baggy pants without underwearAnd hold on to it as long as possible.

Rules and how to practice: There are not many rules in ferret leg pose, other than that the ferret must be alive and participants cannot wear underwear. Competitors insert a ferret into each leg of their pants and then hold on to it for as long as possible without showing signs of discomfort. Although it looked painful, some participants held on for several minutes. This sport is more a feat of endurance and determination than a game in itself.

These exotic sports prove that a passion for competition can lead to the creation of unusual and often entertaining activities. Although it is not as popular as football or basketball, it has its place in global sporting culture and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world looking for unique and exciting experiences.

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