The 2021 edition of the reforestation initiative launched in Ethiopia – Prinsa Latina

Our lives are powerfully intertwined with trees and forests. The Prosperity Party leader said Tuesday that preventing floods, food insecurity, environment-related conflicts and other harmful impacts is in our hands.

When I ask all citizens to adorn Ethiopia, the invitation is to cover our lands in green, to see beyond regional, ethnic, religious and sexual divisions …, and in unity to achieve the prosperity and dignity enjoyed by the people of this great nation and commented on it.

Since coming to power, Ahmed has called for the restoration of fertile soil and forests to contribute to the country’s integrated development, as six billion seedlings will be planted during this year’s campaign.

The Green Legacy Initiative, promoted by the same official, began in 2019, he said, with the aim of reversing the loss of natural resources, in addition to raising awareness among residents of the importance of ecological balance.

It also includes planting 20 billion trees by 2024, most of which are sourced from the African country.

As part of that campaign, Ethiopia planted more than 353 million plants in 12 hours on 29 July 2019, a number considered a new world record because it surpassed 66 million trees planted in 2017 in India, then it was set as a world record.

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