The 15th Central American Olympiad and the 13th Caribbean Chemistry Olympiad opened in Cuba


Attending a master’s degree. Serra Pinheiro Alonso, Cuban First Deputy Minister of Education (Mining); President of the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI), Dr. Raydel Montesino Pererena, Director General of Secondary Education, Dr. C Liem O’Farrill, and Chair of the Scientific Committee, Dr.C. Nilda Delgado Yannis was inaugurated on Monday morning the 14th of the 15th Central American Olympiad and 13th Caribbean Olympiad Chemistry (OCCQ) Cuba 2022, based at UCI.

The competition will be held in virtual mode until November 19, with students from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba and Panama as observers.Presentation of the Cuban delegation to the 15th Central American and Caribbean Olympics

The Cuban delegation consists of pre-university students Daniel Alejandro González Guzmán, Reman Ramos Perez, Eric Jordan Abreu and Diego Armando Ramirez, along with their teachers Rolando Alfonso Valdes and Rafael Rodriguez Rodriguez.

The opening day program included official welcome words by Liem O’Farrill, a virtual presentation by the participants and their mentors, and an online conference by researchers from Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Group (Biocubafarma).

The Director General of Secondary Education, Dr. C. Lim O’Farrell, welcomed the contestants

The ceremony was also attended by directors, officials and professors from the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Mining, as well as members of the Scientific Committee.

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