The 10th Dominican Week began on Monday in the UK

London. The British Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (Britham RD), the Dominican Embassy in the UK and the UK Embassy in the Dominican Republic kicked off the 10th edition of Dominican Week in the UK.

A delegation of more than 100 businessmen and official officials is participating in this activity, and will work to enhance trade and cultural exchange between the two countries throughout this week, as the central axis will be the status of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a global logistics center and a nearby hub.

“Dominican Week in the UK 2023” began with an important meeting between representatives of the aforementioned entities with UK Export Finance, the export credit agency of Great Britain, with which they discussed the possibility of creating new facilities that would allow increased investments to promote Exports between the two countries.

Amauris Vasquez, President of Pritcham RD, and Elnio Duran, Dominican Ambassador to the United Kingdom, as well as Muqbil Ali, British Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, expect that this tenth edition of Dominican Week will work to reach important governmental agreements between the two countries. Both countries are working to strengthen trade relations as well as promote cultural exchange through exhibitions of various kinds that will bring Dominicans to the UK.

“This 10th edition will represent a milestone because for a decade the Dominican Week has served as a stage that has allowed important agreements to be reached between our country and the United Kingdom, resulting in us currently having the largest trade exchange in history between the two countries,” Vázquez said.

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