That $4 check could reach a stratospheric number

They will be auctioning off a check issued to a very special resource to the Apple founders!

The auction will be conducted by RR Auctions

Apple’s auctions have allowed us to discover cool stuff, like the different versions of the original iPhone that we saw in 2023. But before the end of the year, one collector revealed another surprise. this time, It’s a check signed by Steve Jobs with a special story behind it.

Things signed by Jobs are very rare, and this means that any novelty always keeps followers of the company and its founder informed. The latest of these is A check signed by Steve Jobs was sent to RadioShack, the leading electronics company at the time. But that’s not all: This check has something to do with the origin story of the first partnership between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak before Apple.

One of Apple’s first checks, signed by Steve Jobs, will be auctioned off

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met five years before Apple was founded, when they collaborated on an “illegal” business, where They combined their passion, pranks and technology. The merge resulted in a blue square.

The blue box was based on information provided by a hacker who claimed that certain audio frequencies route phone calls, for example. You can make free long distance callsas if they were local.

The boxes were built using a TRS-80 microcomputer system that Wozniak had purchased years earlier from RadioShack.. But that’s not all: this verification has a connection to the origin story of the first link of . Steves managed to sell 200 units of the product and the profit was used to found Apple.

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After years, One of the first checks issued by Bitten Apple was to the same supplier, which was an indirect key to his first work. It will be auctioned off in a few days.

according to RR Auction, the check is in “very good condition” and is expected to sell for more than $25,000. On its official website you can read the following features:

Exceptional check from Apple Computer, 6 x 3, completed and Signed by Jobs, “Stephen Jobs”, payable to Radio Shack for $4.01, on July 23, 1976. The check titled “Apple Computer Company” uses Apple’s first official address at “770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto,” the location of the answering machine and mailbox that the company used while operating out of the famous Jobs family garage. In very good condition.

The offer ends tomorrow, December 6th. Although estimates may reach about $20,000, any surprise is possible, taking into account that a similar check exceeded $100,000 at the beginning of the year.

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