Thanks for the treatment! Annemarie released her long awaited new album

United State-. After a long wait of three years, Anne Marie Back to the top of the list in United kingdom With the release of his new album Psychiatric treatment. It is only the second album released by the artist, after the acclaimed Make up your mind (2018), but this does not mean that the singer does not have a successful career. Prior to releasing her own material, the artist devoted herself to pure collaborative work.

“I’ve always thought about everything a lot and I have a lot of things on my mind. He never had time to stop and see what was going on there. The pandemic was awful, but it gave us the opportunity to stop and realize things.” Anne Marie in an interview. His new album is related to Psychological health And the singer’s relationship with psychology, hence the name “Psychiatric treatment”.

“(Quarantine) changed how I feel, it changed my mind… and I’m making the album through that therapeutic process,” the singer said. during the pandemic Anne Marie I started seeing through a psychiatrist ZoomA decision that helped her face her problems and put them in the lyrics of her songs. After experiencing several episodes of worryTherapy, according to the singer, changed her life.

“I think I called the album Psychiatric treatment Because it represents what music is to many people. For me in particular. “Since I was a teenager, I really needed music to make me feel good,” the artist said. “With therapy you go through all the emotions: sadness, happiness, life… I think I can put any song I want on the album because it’s connected to that umbrella of therapy,” he added.

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Anne Marie He wrote most of the songs during the treatment process, he even managed to write his first love song. The artist collaborated with a group of stars for Psychiatric treatmentWhich contains twelve songs. Ed SheeranAnd Niall HouranAnd doja cat NS simple mixing Share the album with LovelyAnd our songAnd to be young, NS He kissed me Straight.

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