Testimony of an abuse victim, heritage at risk from mining, and a film shot in space

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In this issue of Correspondents, France 24 invites you to go around the world with the journalists of our series. This week we are going to France to hear the testimony of a victim of abuse by the clergy in the Catholic Church. Also to Bolivia, where Cerro Rico de Potosi is endangered by mining, and to Russia, the leading country in the production of a feature film with scenes shot entirely in space.

employment France, The report’s findings shook the Catholic Church. An independent commission revealed that between 1950 and 2020, more than 330,000 minors were abused by clerics or by persons linked to institutions. Pope Francis has expressed his shame for what has happened in that country over the past 70 years. Our colleagues from France 3 went to meet one of the many victims still crying out for justice: a woman haunted by the specter of sexual assault and whose story has kept silent for nearly four decades.

The dispute continues between Paris and London over the crossing of illegal immigrants. France is now calling for negotiations for an immigration agreement between the EU and the UK, which, after Brexit, is no longer part of the bloc of countries. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin denounced that the UK had not paid the money it had promised to help curb the phenomenon.

employment BoliviaSince the discovery of the hill of Rico de Potosi in 1545, its wealth of silver is still exploited as if inexhaustible. However, internal landslides threaten the stability of the mountain and the lives of approximately 20,000 miners every day. Experts say disaster could occur, which is why some have called for government intervention. Our correspondent in Bolivia reports Meri Vaca.

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Russia It was the country that put the first satellite into orbit, and took the first dog and first man into space. Now comes a new milestone, the latest Soyuz spacecraft to arrive at the International Space Station carrying a very special crew: director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild, who have the task of filming The Challenge, which will be their first feature film. To contain scenes shot entirely in space.

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